SCL IT Technologies

Buisiness Analyst

* Serve as the client advocate across the organization

* Manage the client relationship in conjunction with Client Relationship Managers (CRM) in the Sales

department and other internal stakeholders to understand client’s business strategy and operations.
* Proactively review client issues.

* Schedule regular update meetings with clients.

* Manage client escalations

* Identify, review and recommend more effective use of features and functionality of the software based on client business needs

* Assist in selection and encourage clients to actively participate in User Acceptance Testing of new releases as appropriate

* Maintain client profile and other reporting requirements

* Promote client involvement in user group meetings, forums, focus groups, Connections, etc

* Participate in internal meetings as the client advocate and to obtain knowledge and understanding of company initiatives that may impact the client

* Provide referrals and sales opportunities to CRMs/Sales and other internal stakeholders as appropriate; May provide subject matter expertise in multiple company product lines

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