SCL IT Technologies is driven by a set of principles and established ethics. Our customers’ immediate and emergent needs are our primary concern. As a team of trusted and experienced personnel, we are concerned with offering end-to-end support to the biopharmaceutical businesses on research, data analysis and compliance with global standards. Surely, patients are waiting for a therapy that could change their lives. So, our teams’ combined efforts are channeled towards promoting biopharmaceutical research, enhancing capacities and capabilities, providing compliance to global standards, and working in the best interests of patients.

Our team of experts helps to leverage on end-to-end capabilities and global functional, therapeutic and highly customized solutions. Beyond developing high-value strategic plans our team also delivers useable, practical solutions and collaborating with your team in portfolio and product strategy, organizational design and implementation. Our team members work as transformation agents who can address some of the industry’s most pressing problems.

Our team brings a strong technical understanding of both Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM) analysis Data Model (ADaM), relating to implementation and Reviewer’s guides, CDISC terminologies and the related regulations. The team of trained and experienced resources enables us to deliver high-quality datasets at a cost saving of 20% to 40% compared with traditional service providers.

The strengths of our team include,

  • Help the global biopharmaceutical industry to view lifecycle management beyond the clinical space
  • Define areas for growth through our scientific expertise and business acumen
  • Further studies and analyses in the economic impact of treatments, diseases and conditions, including the direct costs of medical expenditures and indirect costs
  • Provide everything from a go-to-market strategy, including brand planning, launch planning, launch readiness, launch management, competitive simulation and performance tracking
  • Help to gather market information or conduct cost analyses both enabled by our robust analytics
  • Help to generate captivating content that best communicates our customers’ strategy-driven messages
  • Evolve a combination of proven analysis methodologies, commercial models and therapeutic expertise, combined with the power of our broad set of commercial and clinical capabilities