SCL IT Technologies considers its personnel as primary for any project success. We ensure that each staff member taken for specific client’s requirement brings the needful expertise and competency. Our personnel bring diverse competencies that include experience and portfolio relating to all aspects of the biopharmaceutical industry. At present, we are looking for personnel with 2 to 5 years of experience in the following specialist areas.

Biostatistics and Statistical Programmers: You should be experienced/with exposure to Power analysis, randomization plans, definition of populations; Statistical analysis of data, creation of SAPs and TLFs; Interim analysis plans, statistical reports and DSMB support; Contribute to CSR, ISS/ISE, DSUR, etc; CDISC format deliverables.

Clinical Research Personnel: You should provide clinical-study and clinical-trial support for drugs and/or medical devices. You should have provided full-scale research support to foundations, research institutions, and universities; and you should bring expertise to move a new drug or device from its conception to FDA/EMA marketing approval.

CDSIC Staff: You should have the expertise and experience in handling all aspects of CDISC therapeutic area standards. This includes, guidance on which domains and datasets to use in collecting and storing data; Guidance on which variables to use to represent data items; Guidance on the definition of non-standard (supplemental) variables, when the currently defined standard variables are insufficient for the task; and guidance on relating data across domains and datasets.

Study Participants

We take study participants as part of the clinical trials and to determine the drug’s efficiency. Our experience tells us that, majority of the side effects are short-lived and the volunteer has to report on any new side effects. Our labs conduct tests as per the strict procedure. Each test is supervised by qualified and experienced doctors, nurses and technicians. Volunteers may participate with a waiting period between studies which is usually between 30 and 56 days.‬‬

Business Ethics

SCL IT Technologies upholds all ethical considerations that play a critical part in the conduct of clinical trials, and biopharmaceutical research. This means to ensure safety and well-being of the subjects or volunteers enrolled as study participants. Adherence to business ethics is crucial as our actions have a direct or indirect bearing on human beings who are subjected to potential or real risks. For greater safety of all, we adhere with the study protocols that contain exclusion criteria, which mean to increase the focus as well as the safety of the trials conducted.