Statistical Programming


Statistical Programming

Surely, the process of getting a drug to market requires an inordinate amount of clinical data analysis. SCL IT’ team of statistical programmers offers high quality and affordable statistical programming services.

During our collaboration with a drug company or a clinical research organization, we ensure that the best of our statistical programmers with the needful qualification and professional experience are deployed. Our team members bring seasoned expertise in SAS which is the preferred technology to ensure FDA compliance.

We understand that, as the regulatory environment is complex, and there are a ton of subtleties to getting a drug approved, the maturity and expertise of our statistical programmers makes the needful difference to each project. Our portfolio of statistical programming includes an elaborate coverage of

  • Drug Development program
  • Data Integration (ISS, ISE) and Data Conversion
  • Statistical Analysis of Data and Programming Support
  • Exploratory Data Analysis of Completed Studies
  • Collaboration with client’s team of researchers and publication teams
  • Phamocokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Data Analysis